Friday, June 11, 2010

History of San Juan Island in Two Parts

 Glacial Granite Beaverton Valley

Faithful Reader, On San Juan Island was my first blog and is now retired yet I leave it here because it contains my history of San Juan Island that so many of you have been kind enough to let me know you enjoyed. You will find the links to my history posts in the right hand column here in 2 parts: History of San Juan Island Part I, then scroll down to find History of San Juan Island part II. Part I starts with the first post, Birth of an Island with a quick overview of the Island's geologic history and continues to The 49th Parallel Meets the Salish Sea which describes how the vaguely worded Oregon Treaty of 1846 set the pieces into place for the infamous Pig Incident.

The History of San Juan Island Part II explains how Native Women Saved Society, includes the effects of Gold!, and leads up to Charles Griffin's Response to the shooting of his Most Notable Pig.

Lee Bave in Front of The Pig War Museum