Friday, April 4, 2008

Griffin Responds

Sketch of Belle Vue Farm 1859 by James Madison Alden ~ National Park Service

Just prior to the Pig incident Charles Griffin, overseer of Belle View Farm for the British corporation Hudson’s Bay Co, was already exasperated by the increasing presence of American homesteaders. Griffin was raising sheep and the “Yankee Squatters” were setting up camp on Griffin's sheep runs.

Island Sheep

In his Belle Vue journal Griffin wrote, “An American shot one of my pigs for trespassing!!!” Cutlar came to Griffin and offered to pay for the pig. According to Griffin this was, “a remuneration which was so insignificant it only adds insult to injury, and likewise used the most insulting and threatening language and openly declared that he would shoot my cattle if they trespassed near his place.” From Griffin's point of view it was the Americans who were trespassing on British soil.

Belle Vue Sheep Farm painting by Richard Schlecht ~ National Park Service

reference: Vouri, The Pig War: Standoff at Griffin Bay

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