Sunday, October 21, 2007

Native Women Save Society

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They came to San Juan Island from Europe, from Hawaii, from the eastern United States, from California and as far as China. They came for fortune, adventure and enterprise. One thing the new arrivals had in commen was that for the most part they were all men. Very few women ventured to the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest except for the local native women who had lived here for generations. Many of the new arrivals married native women and these women played a critical role in the settlement of the Island. The book Native American Wives of San Juan Settlers by Karen Lamb Jones traces local family roots and First Nation heritage. One such native woman married a man from Kentucky named Lyman Cutler. He was to become a key player in the Pig War.

Native American Wives of San Juan Settlers
Available through local bookstores or from
The Orcas Island Historical Museum online bookstore

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  1. Hello, I am a long time visitor to Orcas and wondering about a strange story I heard there and an equally strange "dream" I had on the island after the birth of my daughter. I would like to contact somebody familiar with Native American women in the San Juan's. If you are she will you email me?