Friday, September 7, 2007

Juan de Fuca: The Movie

Spencer Tracy, Ruth Hussey and Robert Young
Northwest Passage 1940

Just as well Jaun de Fuca retired to the Greek Islands. He only would have disappointed himself and Queen Elizabeth had he pursued his search for the Northwest Passage. His life appears in my imagination in swashbuckling Technicolor. What great material for a screenplay!

Alas, my search for, Juan de Fuca: The Movie, proved to be as elusive as the search for the Northwest Passage itself. The best I could find was a 1940 Spencer Tracy movie. In Northwest Passage, Tracy, Robert Young and Ruth Hussey search for a waterway across the continent from the east coast at least a century later than de Fuca sailed our seas out here.

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  1. Happened to find you while working on my blog. Very interesting topics. Look forward to revisiting and reading more...