Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

Charles Griffin ~ Manager Belle Vue Farm

After the ill-fated Issac Ebey left his friend Henry Webber on San Juan Island as assistant collector of customs, Charles Griffin, manager of Hudson's Bay's Belle Vue Farm, issued a warrant for Webber's arrest. Webber, who was camped directly beside Belle View Farm in a tent ornamented with an American flag, resisted.

"This gentleman instantaneously presented a revolver at the breast of the constable, telling him if he touched him he would most certainly fire." Webber was armed with "two brace of pistols hung about his waist and breast, and a knife thrust in his boot at the knee."*

Griffin then ordered and was later advised by BC Governor Douglas to leave the American alone as long as he did not attempt to carry out customs duties. Webber, charged only with keeping tabs on Belle Vue farm and being paid $5 a day to do it was perfectly happy with the arrangment. He soon became best of friends with Charles Griffin.

quotes from: *p.31, Vouri's The Pig War

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