Monday, February 18, 2008

Who Was Lyman Cutlar?

Fess Parker as Daniel Boone, Another Kentucky Frontiersman

It seems there is no known photograph or image preserved of Lyman Cutlar the "Yankee Squatter" who instigated the Pig War or at least gave the boundary dispute in question it's famous name.

Here is how the experts describe him:

"Lyman Cautlar - a young, good humored, former Kentucky Frontiersman with a reputation as a dead shot - arrived on San Juan in early 1859 with his young Indian wife."

San Juan: The Powder Keg Island

Jo Bailey-Cummings & Al Cummings

"Among the squatters on San Juan was tall, light-haired Lyman A. Cutlar, a 27-year-old Kentuckian, contemptuously described as "one of the unwashed sovereigns of the United States who did not scare worth a cent"."

Making History: The People Who Shaped The San Juan Islands
Lucy S. McDonald

"The facts are a Kentuckian named Lyman Cutlar came to San Juan Island in April of 1859, or so he said in a sworn deposition later that year after all the hubbub died down. Pioneer memory has him being twenrty-nine, a failed miner looking for an easy stake on which to live with his Indian wife and child, though no record exits of that either."

The Pig War: Standoff at Griffen Bay
Michael Vouri

San Juan Prairie North of the Belle View Farm Site

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