Monday, December 10, 2007

Pig War Era Holiday Social at English Camp


At Saturday's Holiday Social at English Camp Eric Ellison was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award for his service to San Juan National Historical Parks. Eric, an active participant in the Pig War reenactments "spent countless hours in 2007 assisting the park with everything from interpretation to hauling equipment and creating the traveling forge". Here is Eric being congratulated by National Park Historian and the Park Chief of Interpretation Mike Vouri.

Photographer: Ron Garner

Eric again stepping out on to the dance floor with Julia Vouri...

NPS: photograph

The old-fashioned tree trimming party took place in the old British Royal Marine Light Infantry barracks building -- "just as it was likely done in the mid-1860s when the camp was in its heyday".

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  1. The San Juan National Historical Parks are awesome! I love to go Camping there with my brother. We haven't been tree triming but still have the best time.