Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Memorial of John Mears


My Christmas present from sister Patty this year was an authentic copy of The Memorial of Lieutenant John Mears dated 30th April 1790 and containing "every particular respecting the capture of vessels in Nootka Sound". The book is a numbered edition published in 1933 and belonged to my grandfather Frank Mullis.

In 1788 Mears purchased land from a local Chief and set up a trading post on Nootka Sound. Then, while Mears was in China, the Spanish, who at that time still sought to control all of the trade from the American west, seized the trading post and some ships preceding the great Spanish armament as well as George Vancouver's Historic Voyage. Mears has been criticized for exaggerating but none the less was instrumental in securing British interests in the Pacific Northwest. He joined the Navy at 15 as a Captain's servant and in 1795 was made a Commander in the Royal Navy. I'll have to read the book now so I can give you the particulars.


  1. So if I send you more books you'll have to read more. Sister Patty