Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome New Baby Orca J~43


photo: Gene and Merilyn Ohlson, Greenbank / via Orca Network

First spotted on Wednesday, J-pod's new orca calf J-43 is seen here swimming beside mother, Samish J-14 (right) and brother, Riptide J-30. J-43 joins brother Riptide and sisters Hy'Shqa J-37 (whose name means "blessing" in coast Salish language) and Suttles J-40. J-43's Great Grandmother, Granny J-2, is the grand matriarch of the Southern Resident Orca community. Granny and Great Uncle Ruffles J-1 were featured in the Free Willy movies.

link to: Raw: Orcas Near Alki King5 video

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