Sunday, October 14, 2007

Inconclusive Evidence

This small Chinese bowl belonged to my grandparents who lived on San Juan Island
I do not know where they got it.

Inconclusive Evidence: I had heard that Menzies, author of 1421, had not done good research, hence my "his evidence is not conclusive". A reader offers these websites:

Four Corners: Investigative TV Journalism

"Unfortunately, reporter Quentin McDermott points out, his book (1421) has a credibility problem. Professional historians label it naïve scholarship or worse, straight-out fabrication. Menzies writes, amongst other things, that New Zealand Maori are not Polynesians but a cross breed of Chinese concubines and Melanesians. The evidence for this, and many similar claims, is tissue thin".

But as far as I know, no one has disputed the factual integrity of Victoria, British Columbia's The Daily Colonist.

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