Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweet Rejection ~ Pig War T-shirts

I had mixed feelings today as I was very nicely rejected as a possible candidate for lunchroom lady at the grade school. Although a paycheck and dental would have been very nice the relief of not having to do it overwhelmed any fleeting feeling of chagrin. I got the news immediately after I took the plunge and purchased my domain name, I took it to mean that my commitment to following my blogging bliss (soon to be a web page) was being rewarded not necessarily by doors flying open but one door and least, the door to the grade school lunchroom, blessedly closing behind me. I still work two days a week at the Whale Museum and I take notes for Friday Harbor’s Historic Preservation Board, two jobs I enjoy but I live dangling precariously off the edge. Since I moved back to Friday Harbor with my Masters Degree in Fine Art I’ve worked as a dishwasher, cleaning lady, roller-skate supervisor and bookseller. There have been a few highlights in my artistic career like the Morris Graves residency but I find it hard to paint without large amounts of open time. Blogging however I seem to be able to do any time. I had already gone to bed last night when I had the idea for my Pig War T-shirt design. I got back out of bed and put it together. Today I put it up on Café Press where it is now available as a T-shirt or Tote Bag. I have some resizing to do and it will soon be available as a mouse pad or mug. Here it is, Mr. Grffin’s prize Berkshire Boar. Whoever said, “Do what you love and the money will follow” I sure hope is right because that is what I’m doing and boy do I need money.

And now, can I interest you in a T-shirt? We have organic cotton… a muscle shirt might be just the thing… and the tote bag is especially nice.

link to: On San Juan Island’s Café Press store


  1. Hi Peggy Sue! This is Kimmer from Best Life. I know you are keeping busy with your blog and I wanted you to know that I have it bookmarked as one of my favorite sites. I look at the site everyday!
    What is the history of the PIg War?
    I thought about getting a shirt. Does it help support your site?

  2. Loved the haiku...Sooooo apropos! I couldn't remember exactly who's pig it was- went to google- found this:
    The Pig War began on June 15, 1859, when an American settler named Lyman Cutlar shot and killed a trespassing pig belonging to Englishman Charles Griffin of the Hudson Bay Company. "It was eating my potatoes," said Cutlar, who had already warned Griffin to keep his pig out of his potato patch. "It is up to you to keep your potatoes out of my pig," was Griffin's reply.
    Man- that musta been one tasty hog! Already stuffed with taters!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. Kimmer I left a note on Best Life. I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog.

    I was jumping ahead a bit with the Pig War in my history but we will get to it. Yeah, taters n' bacon does sound pretty darn good!

    Peggy Sue

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