Monday, August 25, 2008

Commader in Sheath

Michelle Obama addresses
the Democratic National Convention.Photo: Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times

The frustrating thing about listening to Michelle Obama's speech on the radio was that I could not see what she was wearing. The NPR commentators seemed fixated on whether or not Hillary supporters were going to be disruptive and didn't even mention that Mrs. Obama was wearing a lovely aqua three-quarter length sleeved sheath with an empire waist, V neck and back set off with a cheerful sunburst brooch and classic black pumps.

Will Hillary supporters be disruptive? They will give Hillary a roll call vote Wednesday so I guess we will find out.

All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won't do - that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.

That is the thread that connects our hearts. That is the thread that runs through my journey and Barack's journey and so many other improbable journeys that have brought us here tonight, where the current of history meets this new tide of hope.

That is why I love this country.” Michelle Obama

Soul Artist John Legend teams up with the Agape Choir from
at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
John Legend ~ If You're Out There

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