Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Orca Holiday Cards For Sale!

Orca Mandala ~ Reproduction from Original Watercolor
by Peggy Sue McRae

This holiday card was designed by me to sell at The Whale Museum (hence the requisite charismatic megafauna). I placed the Orca inside of the Tao symbol of yin and yang thinking about their winter journey out into the ocean. The full title, Orca Mandala: Safe Journey Safe Return, wishes the whales well through their winter journey and looks forward to their safe return.

These cards will be available at The Whale Museum starting next week or you can purchase them directly from me. From me they are a $1.50 a card (with a $3.00 shipping charge if you'd like me to mail them to you). They $2.00 at the Whale Museum but when purchased at the Whale Museum they will help support Whale Museum programs. When purchased directly from me they will help me survive January and February when the Museum (my place of employment) is closed.

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