Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Concert on Lopez

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

Feb. 14th, 7:30 PM at the Lopez Island Grange Hall, $10
Unique Tapestry of Contemporary Folk and World Music

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to take your sweetie to a Home on the Grange concert on Lopez Island. I hear from my friend Sue DuMond on Lopez that Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen will be playing. Here is what Sue has to say...

"Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, each well known and loved for their decades of music making have joined musical forces in a new duo. Cindy is a superb singer, guitarist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Grey is one of America's finest players of the Irish flute and tin whistle, as well as an accomplished singer and concertina, fiddle, piano and harmonium player. As composers each has contributed to the unique tapestry of contemporary folk and world music as it exists and flourishes in America today. Together, they weave songs and tunes of vibrant color and rich texture.More info: link to: Home on the Grange, or call: 468-2753.

Lopez Grange Hall

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