Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Family Christmas Memory

The Mullis House on Argyle

Hidden by a teeming jumble of vegetation the old Mullis house on Argyle is barely visible today but at one time it was among the most prominent homes in the county. Built by my great grandfather George Mullis in 1905 the house was occupied by his family and later by my grandparents Frank and Belle Mullis, my Aunt Ina, uncles Don and Wally, and my mom, Flossie Mullis (McRae-Lang).

Earlier this year I was doing some research on the old house and my mom shared a Christmas memory with me. Ina and Don were the older siblings and in the late 1930s were both attending the University of Washington in Seattle. They came home to Friday Harbor for Christmas one year with a big surprise, a radio! The whole family gathered around the kitchen table thrilled to be listening to a Christmas concert broadcast all the way from New York City!

Flossie Mullis (McRae-Lang)

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