Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bird Sightings at Ten Four Farm


Yesterday I saw three Trumpeter Swans circle low in an upward spiral from the lake and then fly off over head. This afternoon when the sun came out, just as I opened the door to go out onto the porch, I saw a Great Blue Heron stretched out tall in an elegant curving line, golden in the afternoon sun and not more than 30 feet from me. I froze. Then I watched the magnificent being lift off reshaping the calligraphy of its body into a prehistoric profile.

Meger's "Fanfare" print size 33" x 18 1/2" of three Trumpeter Swans in flight over a large wetland has been published to benefit the swans by supporting The Trumpeter Swan Society. The Trumpeter Swan Society (TTSS) is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to assuring the vitality and welfare of wild Trumpeter Swan populations.

link to:
The Trumpeter Swan Society

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