Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Notes From Ten Four Farm


Four and Ten of Ten Four Farm
photo credit: Jean Turner and Steve Schram

For the next 20 some days I will be bringing my blog updates in from Ten Four Farm where I will be holding down the fort for friends who are visiting Hawaii. The Farm is named Ten Four after these two handsome specimens on Jean & Steve's Christmas Card. The house looks toward a lake that was created by the original owners who called it Paradise Farm and Lake. The lake has also been called Woods Lake after former owners. The Farm and Lake are private property off Wold Road.

Before the lake was created it was a wetland and remains natural habitat to birds including migrating Trumpeter Swans and Great Blue Heron. I'm taking my camera and also my watercolors. I'm sure I will also have to experiment channel surfing that TV with all those many stations. As a non-TV owner this holds a certain fascination. I'll try not to turn into a total couch spud but this time of year some potato like behavior is bound to take hold. I know, I need to get back to my Island History where last I described the unlucky casualty of the Pig War, Mr. Giffin's Berkshire Boar. I promise you a dispatch soon regarding the demise of that famous hog.

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