Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Buddhists For Obama

Buddhists for Obama available from cafe press

I held off jumping on the Barack Obama bandwagon until after my caucus. By the time I went to the official Barack Obama website to get a few buttons they were sold out. So, I went to Cafe Press, a web-store where anyone can post a design that can then be purchased on bumper-stickers, buttons, coffee cups, mouse pads, T-shirts and more. There I found a very unique selection of Obama buttons and bumper-stickers. Last night while watching the debate between Obama and Clinton somehow the notion of a "Buddhists For Obama" bumper-sticker was mentioned and I came home and designed the bumper-sticker above and buttons & magnets of similar design. If you are looking for unique items, or would like to create your own, I encourage you to try Cafe Press.

link to: Cafe Press

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  1. These are great! I've posted links on both my blogs. Now I'm going to try to find out how best to get one or two from here in the UK