Wednesday, February 13, 2008

John McCain Approves Bush Torture Policy

OK, Just one more political post (for now). And here I break down and post a candidate from the dark side. I've always thought that if we ended up with John McCain in the White House at least he would stop the torture. Now, possibly to impress his "conservative base" he is voting to approve Bush's torture policy.

"The Senate defied a presidential veto threat Wednesday, passing an intelligence bill with a provision that effectively bans the torture of detainees. The measure would prohibit all interrogation techniques except those permitted by the Army Field Manual. Proponents say that will prevent the CIA from using such methods as simulated drowning, known as waterboarding."
NPR All Things Considered

John McCain voted against this bill.

What is truly evil is that Senator McCain knows torture does not result in true intelligence and it also puts American citizens in danger of reprisals. As if being immoral were not in itself a good reason to put a stop to torture.

Waterboarding 1556

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