Monday, June 23, 2008

Author Jeannie Shortridge at the Library

July 12 ~ 7:00 PMJeannie Shortridge

Seattle author Jeannie Shortridge, will introduce her new book:
Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe

"We all know there's no shortage of literary talent in the Northwest... Seattle novelist Jennie Shortridge invokes the spirit of the Fremont District with a charming new novel about a mid-40s woman named Mira who flees her previous life (in a small Oregon town) when she is betrayed by her husband... When she flees northward... she finds employment at the Coffee Shop at the Center of the Universe. There she discovers a lot of colorful characters—as well as a better understanding of her past, and some new possibilities for her future. Shortridge has a lot of fun with the Fremont setting: 'an urban mass of odd public art, old hippies, new hipsters, old fishing outfits on the canal, new dot-coms in refurbished old buildings.'"


  1. Center of the universe? Did you pick this book out for me?
    Anonymous Anita

  2. Anita Anonymos,

    I hope it is the hip Fremont part you relate to. Or do you feel you've landed at the center of the universe?

    We must talk soon!
    Peggy Sue