Sunday, June 22, 2008

Homeland Insecurity

John Norby ~ photo: Sue Frause

I heard something on the radio a few days ago that made me appreciate our ferry workers. John Norby from Langley, who works at the ferry terminal in Anacortes directing traffic, refused to assist and publicly denounced the border patrol after he was approached by a plainclothes border patrol officer soliciting him to “share intel”. Norby said, “This is a federal police force asking civilians to inform on civilians”.

In February the border patrol started conducting unannounced ferry security checks on our domestic ferry runs to Anacortes targeting our Hispanic community. Norby said, “these are blue collar working people” and that he had no quarrel with immigrants – “legal or not”. Norby also criticized the border patrol for trying to infiltrate the Hispanic community. The agent who approached Norby was himself Hispanic.

Karol Brown is a lawyer who works for Hate Free Zone, a Seattle-based immigrant-advocate organization. She said, regarding the recent ferry border patrol security checks, that the heightened enforcement "doesn't add to our security and there is some real civil-liberties concern, That's not the type of country I want to live in, where people live in fear."

Sources: Seattle PI, KUOW, King 5 News

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  1. I very much want to live in a country where all people have inalienable human rights, but where legal citizens benefit from the fruits of fellow citizens' efforts. I am half hispanic and have relatives in Honduras, but I sure don't think the United States should have to absorb everyone who sees the good life here and barges his way in. There is such a thing as legal immigration, and thousands of legal immigrants come into the US yearly. No government or country can feed the entire world. I would like to have a big house, but I can't go and move in with somebody else. I have to be invited. The USA is busting at the seams, building and building and there is no end in sight. I know you like your neighbors. I do, too. But, I don't cry when a drug dealer goes to jail or a tax imbezler gets caught, and I sure don't mind if someone stealing my taxes by living here without permission gets send home.

  2. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment.

    What I hope for is a world where all working people receive fair recompense for their labor and do not have to emigrate in order to support their families. I see multinational corporations that outsource factories to countries where they are not encumbered by the labor and environmental laws we have here as the other side of the illegal alien coin. For true global justice to exist real value must be placed on all labor as well as all natural resources.

    Peggy Sue

  3. Small heroes, everyday, help to thwart bigotry and political violence. Immigration was used as a political campaign issue by the RNC, knowing full well our economy could not survive without undocumented labor. Tapping into racism, however, always works for the GOP; plus the kickbacks and contracts for playing the security game benefit them and their friends handsomely. All in all, a cruel and giant charade.

  4. All studies done since the GOP started grandstanding on immigration three years ago show that the taxes paid by undocumented laborers far surpass the cost of public services they absorb. The only stealing of taxes going on is through the fraudulent programs of Homeland Security itself. The lies about immigration are perpetuated by cowardly media, corrupt politicians, and citizens to lazy to get informed.

  5. Thank you, I agree. It is too convenient for corporations like Halliburton to scapegoat the least powerful among us, undocumented workers, while they help themselves to our tax dollars with impunity.

  6. Great discussion. I have to address an inaccurate statement though. The research is still pouring in on how much illegal immigrants pay in taxes vs. get in public benefits, but most agree now that what is paid-in in SS and other taxes is no where near what is not paid in federal and state taxes.

  7. Everyone needs to watch this "immigration gumballs" video; it will help you put things into perspective.

    Watch it and tell me what you think.