Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wars: News From the Front

Billy-Bob Thorton as Bad Santa

“You’d better watch out, get ready to cry,
You’d better go hide, I’m telling you why
‘cuz Santa Claus will take you to hell.
He is your favorite idol, you worship at his feet,
but when you stand before your God
He won’t help you take the heat.
So get this fact straight: you’re feeling God’s hate,

Santa’s to blame for the economy’s fate,
Santa Claus will take you to hell."

Feeling God's Hate? That's Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church's Santa song which also includes the line "Santa's to blame for the dead soldier's fate." The Kansas group has applied for permission to put up their "Santa Claus Will Take You to Hell" sign, where else, but the Washington State capitol rotunda in Olympia. The group, also known for protesting at the funerals of Iraq war soldiers because they believe the war and the deaths are God's punishment for the U.S. condoning homosexuality, held a protest in Olympia on Sunday against the infamous atheist sign currently on display at the capitol along with a Nativity scene and a Holiday Tree.

Kansas Baptists Protesting Atheist Sign at Washington State Capitol

Meanwhile, the Department of General Administration, which oversees the Capitol grounds, declared a moratorium Friday on any pending and future requests to put up displays in the Capitol building. According to Janet Tu of the Seattle Times, "The moratorium applies to Westboro's application, along with pending requests for a Buddhist display, a Jewish banner, a mannequin of Satan holding a statement against atheists and wishing them a merry Christmas, an aluminum pole in celebration of the invented holiday of Festivus, and a "Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Display."

A menorah is still scheduled to go up Dec. 21, since that application had already been approved.

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