Thursday, December 4, 2008

Google Is Messing With Me!

Wow, I'm not even sure how I managed to get into my blog just now. I've been relying on the premise that if you put a hundred monkeys in a room full of typewriters something will eventually get written. Somehow I managed to monkey around with my keyboard enough to blunder onto my blog... in spite of Google!

Google has taken over Blogger. But Google does not recognize my username and defaults to a username from a place where I no longer work that I briefly set up a gmail account for. They will send significant information to an email address I no longer have but not to the email I use. Not helpful. When I try to sign in or reset my account I can't because although Google will not recognize my username when I am trying to sign in, when I try to reset my username it tells me, somebody is already using that username. Yes, well, that would be me! That is, if I could sign in..... AAARRRGGGGGG.

I've spent way too much time monkeying around with this. I will now be taking a little break from blogging until Google gets the bugs worked out of taking over Blogger.

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