Thursday, December 11, 2008

Money and Prayer: The Lakshmi Report

The Lakshmi Report - Day 2

I got an email this morning…

Greetings from,
We're writing to let you know that we are having difficulty processing
Visa (exp.xxxx/xx) payment for the above transaction.

A few Christmas presents I was actually going to buy I have now canceled. Having been raised a Christian I wondered momentarily if I was being punished for not shopping locally. Instant Karma? Well no, I’m sure there is a perfectly logical and mathematical reason why my debit card was rejected.

I am so fucked.

Can prayer help?

I remember reading once in the book, Adventures in Prayer, by Christian writer Catherine Marshall that prayer is not some fancy ornate thing. "Prayer" she said, “is a delivery truck”.

Oh Lord, please put the pedal to the metal.

later that morning...

My great fear this morning was a horror of the dreaded cascading bouncing check syndrome. With fear worming around in the pit of my stomach I forced myself to do the grounding meditation and the Lakshmi mantra all 108 times before I went to the bank to check on my account. My prayers were answered! I was not over-drawn! Plus I was able to pick up 50 more of my Christmas cards from the printer on credit until Tuesday. And I still had $17.00 in cash! I went to the market and bought a bunch of bananas and some blueberry jam feeling quite redeemed and prosperous. But I still can not tell...

Is this working or not?

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