Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Lady Fashion Statements

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy's
signature pillbox hat, 1961, Bergdorf Goodman
Worn by Jacqueline Kennedy to the Inauguration Ceremony
Washington, D.C., January 20, 1961
Metropolitan Museum of Art

While I'm sure there are issues of more critical concern, wouldn't it be great to have some style in the White House? Not since Jackie Kennedy have we had the opportunity to bring style into the White House that Michelle Obama provides.

About the puffy sleeves in Michelle Obama's wardrobe, “They really make her stand-out from the other First Lady wannabes who don't seem to have a signature look. Michelle owns the puffy sleeve. It's her pill box hat. It's all hers.” says blogger Black Snob. Link to Black Snob for the full: Michelle Obama Fashion Retrospective.

Again from the blog Black Snob, "I already nominated this suit as the hottest red suit in politics. Hillary wore a great red suit to the State of the Union. Cindy McCain's fond of a hot Red State number. But Michelle gets still points for pushing the envelope into chic, puffy sleeve territory. Wearing just a nice, tailored red suit would be too safe for Michelle. She can't look like Hillary or Cindy. She's got to jazz it up. She's got to put her stamp on it. Puffy sleeve trumps all. Could Hillary pull this off? We think not."

But wait, there's more: link to Michelle Obama Dresses Better Than You for yet more brilliant fashion observations from blogger Black Snob.

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  1. Hey thanks for the promo! I'm glad that there are so many people who are Michelle Obama fans. I just love her independent spirit, her fortitude, how she speaks her mind, her determination, her intelligence and, of course, her incredible fashion sense. She's a feminist icon wrapped into the body of an Amazon. It's great to have such a warrior going to bat for Barack and the Democratic Party.