Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Say No to War

Hillary Clinton in Columbus, Ohio. Photograph: Mark Duncan/AP

Today is my 56th birthday and while I was hoping to get Barack Obama as a nominee for my birthday, I do have to hand it to Hillary Clinton. She makes being 60 look pretty darn good. All the same, her admirable sparkle and pep does not mean I forgive her for voting for the war. She should have listened, if not to her own conscience, at least to Senator Byrd.

Link to: Arrogance of Power, Today, I Weep for my Country... by Senator Robert Byrd, Speech delivered on the floor of the US Senate March 19, 2003. Senator Byrd voted against the war and eloquently sought to persuade his colleagues to do the same.

As the war drags on and on... Here is our own Senator Patty Murray Monday, February 4, 2008. Senator Murray also voted against the war. She serves on the Senate Budget Committee.

"For seven years America has paid dearly for the investments this President has failed to make. Our economy is lagging, our infrastructure is crumbling and we are paying for a misguided war on the backs of our grandchildren."
Senator Patty Murray

And then, there is John McCain...

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