Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dick Hieronymus - CD Grey Life Remastered

The newly re-mastered CD "GREY LIFE” has just been released featuring musical arrangements by San Juan Island's Dick Hieronymus. The original recording, one of Hieronymus’ first assignments at Dot Records in Hollywood, features twelve songs by singer-songwriter Val Stoecklein. Hieronymus orchestral arrangements were written for Stoecklein’s 12-string guitar, rhythm instruments, a large string section and oboe. The album hit the Billboard Magazine charts and received an award as one of the ten best album cover designs for the year.

Dusty Groove America describes the CD, "A darkly beautiful solo album from Val Stoecklein -- ex-leader of the Blue Things, stepping out here in a set of sweetly melancholic tunes! Val's in the lead on most numbers on vocals and acoustic guitar -- but there's also some fantastic support from light strings arranged by Dick Hieronymus, which gives the record a surprising amount of depth and complexity!"

Hieronymus has just signed on with Academy Award nominated director Ron Satlof to score a feature film, working title MISCONCEPTIONS, scheduled to shoot in January 2008.

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