Friday, September 14, 2007

Of the Law ~ by Susan Wingate

Local author Susan Wingate has finished her first novel, Of the Law. Could her dark look at small town Island life be inspired by the real thing?
"The mystery, Of THE LAW, is the story about small town life on Dahl Island. Harvey Flemings is the Police Chief of the town there. He becomes embroiled in a maze of deceit, adulterous encounters, bribery and, murder – a couple of them. Failure to bring to justice the corrupt Leona Malouf (the wealthiest woman in the community) colors Harvey's every thought. Despite the impermeable legal fortress she has surrounding her, Harvey vows to end Leona's run of terror. Doing so, he enters into a world of sinister thought. The very element he's fought against his entire life grabs hold of his moral collar and will not let go. Will he win his fight against evil? Or, will he be destroyed? Of THE LAW looks at the darker side of humanity".

Official Website of Susan Wingate

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