Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In The Foreign Film Section

A reader suggested bringing reader recommended film reviews onto the blog. I love the idea. My plan is to set up a web site soon where films will have their own section and reader reviews will be easy to submit. Meanwhile please leave a comment if you have a film to recommend.

I found The Edukators by Austrian director Hans Weingarter this afternoon in the King's Video foreign section. In the film three young idealistic would be revolutionaries bumble themselves into a kidnapping. Loyalties are tested. A. O. Scott of The New York Times says, "The film is, to some extent, a sympathetic exploration of the state of political idealism in the contemporary West, where all avenues of resistance seem blocked or co-opted by the system. But it is also a sometimes mocking exposé of what the old left used to call political infantilism. The director is clearly fond of his radicals — and the terrific actors playing them do so with exemplary conviction." Staring Daniel Bruhl, Julia Jentsch and Stipe Erceg, German with English subtitles, Rated R 124 min.

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