Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Turkish Delight - Eurovision 2008

Turkey may have issues with the European Union but Turkey has participated in Eurovision since 1975.

Turkey Eurovision 2008

Mor Ve Otesi ~ Deli

English Lyrics: Crazy/insane

my soul's owner is being searched
did I fall in the right place?
perpetrator of the passion is resisting
it got angry and became smaller
it is resisting
Bring me up, don't make me cry
where is your love which you are proud of
Bring me up, don't make me cry
don't detain me with fake dreams
it's (my soul's owner) being searched
one part of me is sane the other one is insane
my four directions are sane; one part is is insane
everybody is sane, only me insane
only me insane

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