Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Righteous' Wealth is in His Holy Place

Barack Obama has been catching flack for saying that the rural working poor are bitter and clinging to religion. They say he is talking down to us. But I disagree. I felt understood. Yes, I cling to my religion with sweating palms and white knuckles. It is how I keep the bitter taste of poverty at bay living here in this million dollar condo town. You might catch me at South Beach saying my mantras or pulled over in my Toyota by the Valley Church for a quick prayer and a word with the ancestors before I go to work. Obama said perhaps he could have chosen better words to say what he said and that may be true. Bob Marley said like this.....

"The rich man's wealth is in his city;
The righteous' wealth is in his Holy Place."

Bob Marley - Stiff Necked Fools

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