Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sam Green, Poet Laureate at the Library

Washington’s First Poet Laureate
Samuel Green
Friday April 4th at 6:30pm

Come to the Library on Friday April 4th to hear Sam Green read his poetry and talk about his experiences as a Waldron Island poet, editor of Brooding Heron Press, and Seattle University’s Northwest Writer-in-Residence.

As Washington’s first poet laureate, Sam will serve a two year term, during which he will visit communities across the state building awareness and an appreciation of poetry through readings, workshops, and lectures. In conjunction with Griffin Bay Bookstore, the San Juan Island Library was able to schedule an event with Sam Green, and is graciously sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Sam Green has authored ten collections of poetry, and his most recent is “The Grace of Necessity”, available now at the Library, and local bookstores. For more information on Sam, visit: ~ San Juan Island Library

Tulip Field, MacLean Road, Skagit Valley
by Sam Green

If there were a single word
for the color of these tulips,
it would have to contain
the bright swirl of my mother´s favorite
skirt. She square-danced in it for years until
some inner joy faded faster than the fabric.
It would need to have the scarlet
of a single maple leaf
caught in a spider´s web between
two trees in the orchard
my wife & I planted
together. And the splendor of an apple
polished on the wool of a Pendleton
shirt my grandfather left
a little wear in before he died.

I say red & want to hold it
with my tongue longer than teeth
& gums will let me –
skirt & leaf, apple & shirt –
and no lexicon to help me.

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