Friday, September 5, 2008

Heart Attack!


When I heard the Heart song 'Barracuda' played at the Republican Convention after Sarah Palin's speech I could not imagine that Seattle's own Anne & Nancy Wilson had given the McCain/Palin campaign their permission to use the song. Sure enough, I was right. Thursday afternoon the rockin' women of Heart sent an email, "The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission, We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored." But, the Repuplicans played it again after McCain's speech when Sarah "Barracuda" Palin came out just like it was still her theme song.

Here is what Anne & Nancy Wilson have to say, "Sarah Palin's views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song 'Barracuda' no longer be used to promote her image. The song 'Barracuda' was written in the late 70s as a scathing rant against the soulless, corporate nature of the music business, particularly for women. (The 'barracuda' represented the business.) While Heart did not and would not authorize the use of their song at the RNC, there's irony in Republican strategists' choice to make use of it there." A cease and desist notification has been sent to the McCain/Palin campaign. Said Nancy Wilson of Heart, "I feel completely fucked over."

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