Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama's Secret Weapon

As soon as the first debate between Obama and McCain ended and the wives came onstage everyone where I was watching the debate stood up and started talking. Damn, I missed the best part. I missed John McCain’s discomfort as he shook Obama’s hand not even wanting to look him in the face (which I heard about later on the radio). Plus, I missed catching a view of our potential first ladies.

While we Obama fans felt happy and confident that he had won, an excellent thing since the foreign policy debate was a "have to win" for McCain. At best all they can possibly claim is a tie. On the Huffington Post relationship experts Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks write, The Obama Relationship: A Major Benefit Nobody’s Talking About, and suggest that Obama has an asset that we’ve been neglecting.

“For example, Michelle and Barack do something we've never seen before in a presidential couple: they actually look directly at each other when they're speaking to each other. They also laugh at each other's humor, and they allow their sexual attraction for each other to be visible. Contrast that with other presidential marriages, in which the sexual attraction to each other was not visible but their sexual attraction to others became highly visible. Michelle and Barack talk openly about their feelings for each other. They're real.”

More great photos: The Black Snob

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about that article. I liked it. I also enjoyed the Fey/Palin SNL video on the same page. Sally