Sunday, May 4, 2008

Marine Naturalists Aboard the Western Prince

Congratulations Everybody!

Marine Naturalists Aboard the Western Prince

The Marine Naturalist Training Program took its celebratory cruise on the Western Prince this morning. It was glorious on the water as we cruised North out of Friday Harbor passed Spieden and Stuart Islands. We saw Harbor and Dalls Porpoise, Harbor Seals, a Stellar Sea Lion, Bald Eagles and Purple Starfish. No whales were spotted, they have not been around lately, still I know I hardly minded. It was enough to be out on the water.

After the cruise we met at the Whale Museum for our graduation ceremony and I only regret that I neglected to get a photo of another one of Jenny's fabulous cakes. This one had blue frosting with the Orca Ruffles, aka J1, Spyhopping out of it. Congratulations everybody!

Purple Starfish on Stuart Island

Appendix: Here is the cake!

Jenny's Spyhop Cake

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