Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloggers United for Human Rights

Today Bloggers United asks us to focus our attention on human rights. In recent times the Internet has become an essential tool in the fight for human rights. Through the Internet information manages to seep out in spite of the harshest regime crackdowns.

A case in point and in the news today is the military dictatorship of Myanmar (Burma). Even as the dictatorship tries to control information about the recent cyclone by restricting the freedom of journalists, citizens and relief workers are posting messages and photos by email, text messaging and on the popular social website facebook. As circumspect as these communications may be they are not without risk.

"If the junta finds someone who is corresponding information with any foreign entities, those individuals face 10 to 15 years in prison, torture, with their families' lives at risk," says Sophie Lwin, director of Burma Global Action Network and a Burmese native who lives in the United States. According to Lwin, any foreigners caught sending photos abroad would be "blacklisted, deported immediately and will never be allowed back in the country, fined and have their media related items confiscated."*

Link to: Amnesty International ~ Learn About Human Rights

Wake up ~ Lo-Star

The Burma Campaign UK

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*Quotes from Sophie
Lwin were gleaned from an article by Kristina Wong,
ABC news:
Risky Business Sneaking Cyclone News to Facebook

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  1. Peggy Sue,

    I just watched the video you posted. It's so powerful. Thank you for sharing it.