Saturday, May 31, 2008

April White ~ At the Whale Museum ~ June 6th

The Whale Museum Presents April White, Killer Whale Woman

Sgaana Jaad: Killer Whale Woman, a book featuring well-known Haida artist April White will be available next week at the Whale Museum. The book features 25-years of White’s art along with accompanying legends and stories. This hardcover collector’s edition features more than 40 paintings and hand-pulled serigraphs. Until now White’s work has only been accessible to the public through gallery showings, museum exhibits and art stores. This book will enable a wider audience to view and appreciate the work of this talented artist.

April White is an award-winning, internationally celebrated artist whose work is on display in collections and galleries around the world. A self-taught artist, she has been painting since the early 1980s. She was born on Haida Gwaii off the coast of Northern British Columbia, and she is descended from a line of powerful Haida chieftains on her father’s side. Her mother has a British-American background, so throughout her life, White has moved fluidly between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal worlds. Her unique perspective is that of a Haida woman who can also stand outside and look into the native world with a fresh view.

April White has been honoured with the name Sgaana Jaad, traditionally a male name, by her Haida elders because of her prominence within the Haida community, as well as her international recognition as an artist.

April White will be signing copies of Sgaana Jaad: Killer Whale Woman at the Whale Museum in Friday Harbour at 7 pm on Friday, June 6.

April White ~ Sgaanajaad ~ Killer Whale Woman

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