Friday, May 9, 2008

Still More Things to do in Friday Harbor

Spring Street ~ Friday Harbor

I took my car in this morning for a tune up and ended up having time on my hands in town. Even without my list of 100 things to do in Friday Harbor I remained confident that I could figure out what to do. I had enough time to get a haircut, go bowling or even go up to the fitness club and go for a swim but I wasn't feeling quite that ambitious. It was a beautiful morning so first I went to the new bakery, Demeter's, on Nichols Street. If you have not been there yet I highly recommend it. I got a coffee and a cheesy pastry and sat outside on the porch. The baked goods are great, service friendly and with paintings by Joe Miller and ceramics by Paula West the artwork is the best.

Demeter's Cafe on Nichol's Street

Next, I decided to check out the new public restroom in Sunshine Alley. It is nice. It's roomy and clean. My only complaint, and it isn't much of a complaint, is that it would be really hard to wash your hair in those sinks. I notice things like that because when I lived on Lopez without running water and took the early boat to Friday Harbor to work I often washed my hair in the restroom on the ferry boat. The ferry handicap sink has a nice high spout which is perfect to stick your head under. The Sunshine alley restrooms have those heated blow driers. If you were homeless and it was cold out this would be the place to go. Plus, these restrooms are historic. The building was originally made out of Boede Cement blocks from the old Boede Pipe and Cement Company an early Island industry.

Sunshine Alley Public Restrooms

Next I bought an Elizabeth Gaskell novel and some cards at Griffin Bay Bookstore, some Amber Essence oil and a small hand mirror at Softwear and then I dropped into the Whale Museum. At the Whale Museum the big news is that J Pod is back. J pod appeared briefly after their winter migration but then they disappeared again. They are back and apparently they have a lot to say too. We have speakers at the Museum tuned into the underwater microphones on the west side. You can hear them too by linking to: Salish Sea hydrophone network. Also, the Center for Whale Research now has an Orcacam set up, link here: Orcacam. By the time I picked up my car J-Pod had moved on but it is good to know that they are back in the neighborhood.

J-14 Samish "my" whale ~ Whale Museum Photo

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