Monday, May 19, 2008

Portland turns out for Obama

Barack Obama

I know, I know, it seems like the whole world it falling apart at the seams, cyclones, earthquakes, global warming, military juntas, the Bush administration, I admit, its really bad. I think that is why, while we hold our collective breath waiting for the Bush administration to be over, I'm nearly paralyzed by psychic numbing and distracting myself and any readers I haven't lost with pop music from Europe's fun song contest. The rest of the news is just too scary to watch! But, folks turned out yesterday in Portland for Barack Obama in a big way. Hopefully this part of the election process will be over soon and we can focus on defeating the evil ones who have been holding a throat grip on our nation for the last almost eight years. Will the Oregon primary do it? Please Mother Goddess, let it be so. Hope can be a scary place. I want confirmation.

Portland Turns Out For Obama

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